Healing botanical blends for your family. Inspired by the cultures that nurtured and raised us.

  • Non-Toxic

    Our products were developed and formulated with naturally healing and soothing herbs and butters straight from mother nature. We took inspiration from household pantry items and curated botanical products that are not only non-toxic and clean for your bebecitos, but also eco-conscious about our environment. With our passion for sustainability, you never have to wonder what our ingredients mean, where they came from or where they belong!

  • Handmade

    Hecho a mano en Los Angeles, Ca. We pour our love and good energy into each and every handmade batch of products. We make small batches at a time to ensure freshness and attention to detail. Because of this, there can be varying textures here and there depending on the seasons and due to the fact that we aren't using fragrances or synthetics to fill our formulas. If slight changes do occur, the benefits are still top quality and as effective as ever.

  • Para todos

    Nuestros productos son para todos! While this brand was developed with Mamacitas and Bebecitos in mind, all products can and should be used on the whole family as needed. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for your family's non-toxic bath and body needs for years to come.

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Join Bebecito Bontanicals and follow us on our journey as we listen and grow...and glow!