About Us


Our skin at any age is our largest organ and our first line of defense in the harsh elements we face every day. Created by the hands and heart of a mother of two children, Bebecito Botanicals answers the need for organic, natural, toxin-free balms and oils. Inspired by Salvadoran secrets passed down through the generations, the Bebecito Botanical recipes have perfected the blend - infusing healing herbs, roots and leaves. After an endless and frustrating search for safe and effective balms and oils, the Bebecito Botanicals family of products is proud to include an array of safe, natural - and even edible - options to alleviate some of the most common skin conditions; from eczema and mild psoriasis to chronic dry skin.

At Bebecito Botanicals, we’ll never stop researching and expanding to keep all skin healthy, safe and protected for any age and any shade. After all, we are on a mission to bring awareness and share our Latinx skin-saving secrets!
Join the Bebecito Bontanicals and follow us on our journey as we listen and grow...and glow!

 The Bebecito's that inspired it all.